9-13 June 2013
Koper, Slovenia
UTC timezone
Proving in Mathematics Education at University and at School  - Confirmed Speakers

Minisymposium speakers:
  • Roman Hašek (University of South Bohemia)
  • Zlatan Magajna (University of Ljubljana)
  • Walther Neuper (Graz University of Technology)
  • Pavel Pech (University of South Bohemia)
  • Jordi Saludes (University Polytechnica of Catalonia)
  • Dušan Vallo (University of Nitra, Slovakia)
  • Wolfgang Windsteiger (University of Linz)
Additional description

Computer Theorem Proving (TP) is reliably grounded on formal calculus
— whereas proof is not taught as a formal calculus in general academic
education. Rather, students adopt the habits of their academic
environment and copy the way of proving from their academic teachers.
Evidently this results in a lack of confidence for most students and
in a lack of control of what they are doing. High-school seems
affected by these academic traditions such, that proof is considered
too comprehensive for most students in spite of curricula containing
mathematical proof.

The minisymposion presents experiences from courses supported by TP
technology at academia and at high-school throughout Europe. A major
point of discussion will be the issue to narrow the gap between
high-school math and academic math in Science, Technology and
Engineering education. In particular, the (planned/envisioned) use of
existing TP software systems in an educational setting or concrete
plans for (future/desired) educational TP software systems should be
demonstrated with the aim to get a common view on the requirements for
such systems that would make them widely accepted teaching tools.

This minisymposion is motivated by the hope that bottom-up approaches
in local cooperation might be more successful than pretentious
top-down approaches to the sensible, but important topic.