24-28 June 2013
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
UTC timezone

Useful information for all participants are available here.

Deadline for abstract submission (extended): 12.4.2013.

Registration fee: 200 EUR (before 17.5.2013 (extended)), 220 EUR later.

Registration: Please create Indico account in order to be able to register and submit abstracts.
After you have an Indico account you can register for the conference in order to receive all important announcements.

Payment: The payment is only possible by bank transfer:

Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics
Jadranska 19
1000 Ljubljana

Bank: NLB d.d., Trg republike 2, 1000 Ljubljana
IBAN:  SI56 0205 3025 3278 051

Please send an email about the payment to simona.puncer@imfm.si with subject "CGTA2013" and specifying in the body your name and surname, affiliation details, i.e., exact name of the department/company, address and fiscal data of the department/company (in particular VAT number) and the amount payed. These information are important in order to send the invoice.