21-25 August 2012
Portorož, Slovenia
UTC timezone
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A computer tool in logistics operations research

Presented by Dr. Alen ORBANIć
Type: Oral presentation


Several optimization techniques have been developed in the past for optimizing various real-life problems we encounter during logistic operations. The quality and applicability of the results depend on the quality of input data as the famous saying "garbage in - garbage out" applies here more than anywhere. With input data we consider here quality of digital maps, accessibility and quality of GPS samples from vehicles in a fleet and in detail knowledge about processes and anomalies that can occur during daily operations. We shall present the results of the on-going applied research project where we have managed to establish a research and technological platform that enables quality research and applications on a real life problems of road maintenance, snow plowing and road salting logistic activities, as well as some results of analyses and optimizations.


Location: Portorož, Slovenia
Address: University of Primorska, Faculty of Tourism Studies, Obala 11a, SI-6320 Portorož - Portorose, Slovenia
Room: VP1

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