19-25 June 2011
Bled, Slovenia
Europe/Ljubljana timezone
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Permutation polytopes

Presented by Prof. Barbara baumeister BAUMEISTER
Type: Oral presentation
Track: Polytopes and Incidence Geometries


I will report on joint work with C. Haase, B. Nill and A. Paffenholz. The {\em Birkhoff Polytop}, also known as {\em assignement polytope}, is one of the most studied polytopes. It is the convex hull of all permutation matrices. In the talk I will propose the systematic study of the {\em Permutation polytopes}. They are the convex hull of a subgroup of the group of $n\times n$ permutation matrices. We will see examples, discuss different notations of equivalence and present some structural results. As an application we will classify the $\leq 4$-dimensional faces of the permutation polytopes.


Location: Bled, Slovenia
Address: Best Western Hotel Kompas Bled

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